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How Many New Slots in 2016 Can Players Expect to See?

It's a big question on the lips of UK slots players, but few have the power to answer it. New slots in 2016 are coming thick and fast, casino members don't know which way to look, whether to play on their mobile or to play for real money as developers roll out the red carpet constantly for new games that are apparently "brand new". But how many of these new slots in 2016 are actually new, and what numbers can players expect to see. One answer to this question comes from Adam Dale, the Chief Games Analyst at Slotsquad; an independent UK slots review portal.

Adam, who has spent the last 12 months analysing slots software and gaming frames says that repetition or duplication makes up a massive portion of the market and that brand new games need in-depth analysis to verify the claim. "It's ok having this bonus or that feature, but what if only the graphic has changed, the color details or the value of the payouts", says Adam who is Slotsquad's most senior review specialist. Instead, we should be looking deeper than face value, to the games core software and technology. "Then and only then will UK casino players know exactly how many new slots in 2016 arrived without bearing identical hallmarks of last year's developments", said Mr Dale.

So going off this information, it's safe to say that UK slots players should be looking more carefully at the new games in from of them, but only if they don't mind the alternative, re-hash casino games and developers with no patience. New slots in 2016 could number as high as 270; that's if you include smaller creative companies building mobile slots too, but in reality, the number is much smaller. But of course, this is just Slotsquad; they're aiming high and always do when it comes to the latest UK slot releases, especially when someone say's it's new when in fact looking deep enough, it was so last year.