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To slot or to pokie? That is the question

Brits and Aussies have quite a bit in common. An unquenchable thirst for beer, an obsession with rugby and cricket, love for the English Queen and a shared passion for online slots.

The Brits stick to their jargon, they call the good old slot machine fruit machines because the classic slot machine symbols were predominantly fruit based. Aussies have always been upside down and have fondly come up with the perky-sounding name online pokies

There are dedicated slot and pokie rooms that cater to each market. Whether you fancy a spin on a slot or a pokie, there will be a casino out there that suits your style and preferences. Online casino sites such as Guts casino cater to both markets. Although the principle of the games are exactly the same, no Aussie worth his salt will have his good mate the pokie be called anything but pokies.

A Norwegian saying goes "dearest one has many names". Of course we couldn't expect anything else from the Scottish then to have their own take on the good old fruit machine. In Scotland they don't play pokies or online slots.. they play "puggy". Closer to the Aussies than the English. No surprises there!

Wherever you are from there is a world of slots or pokies for you to enjoy online! The varieties are practically endless. Some players are hard-core fans of the classic fruit machine. Younger people are attracted to branded slot machine based on their favorite band or TV show.

Since online casinos are depending on the popularity of their featured slots you can imagine the fierce competition not just between the game developers, but also between the individual casinos. New slots/pokies are released every month.

Using free play mode gives you the chance to try these new exciting games immediately without spending a cent. This way you can get to know the slot machine and see if it's a slot for you before using any of your hard earnt cash on it.

Since the whole of Australia and most Brits are so engrossed in the world of online slots and pokies, or whatever you prefer to call them, there are many reasons to check out this hobby for yourself! In fact it's not just an anglo saxon phenomenon as many other European countries have also jumped on the bandwagon! The Nordic countries have embraced what they call "spilleautomater" with viking passion and are some of the most spinning nations per capita today. Dutch and German players alike have an insatiable appetite for new and exciting "spielautomaten", as they like to fondly call their slot machines.

It seems the allure of the jackpot from the comfort of your living room is spreading to the far reaches of the globe, and rightly so. No need to dress up, no travel expenses no expensive food or drinks and generous promotions make online casino sites very attractive. You can enjoy your pokies barefoot on the sheep farm porch or spin away on your smartphone near a London Underground station.