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How to Become a Chess Grandmaster

Nowadays, playing skill and casino games has been made very easy thanks to the rise of online casinos. You can play all sorts of games online, including slots and table games you can practice for free or play for real money. Honing your skills has never been easier - all the games are available on smartphones and tablets, ready for you everywhere you go. Before these games, however, one skill game ruled the world - chess. Unlike other games, chess is based on a lot of skill. When we say a lot, we don't mean practicing for a month or two - we mean learning chess from a young age. Chess is a very competitive game where everyone wants to become a grandmaster, but before they get to the title, there's a long and tough road to walk.

Can Anyone Become a Chess Grandmaster?

In short terms, no. Becoming a chess grandmaster isn't simply amassing a number of points and winning tournaments. Before a chess player reaches that stage, there are miles to go. Chess grandmasters are born with a lot of skill, but they get the title with a lot of hard work.

The biggest grandmasters in the history of chess such as Bobby Fischer, Gary Kasparov or current world champion Magnus Carlsen were all involved with chess from a very young age. All three have been youngest chess grandmasters in their time and won numerous world champions through hard work and dedication.

According to experts, learning how to play chess from a young age has numerous benefits. Just like learning a new language or a musical instrument, learning chess takes years and a lot of practice. Ideally, children should start learning how to play chess between the ages of 5 and 8, when the brain absorbs information fully.

Even in cases of child prodigies such as Magnus Carlsen, hard work is the factor that makes good chess players great. Mastering the game of chess can take years and how else would something be mastered without practice? Even Kasparov made a lot of sacrifices in order to become a grandmaster - it's a step that shouldn't be skipped.

Once a child learns all the moves and masters the game along with a good mentor, entering tournaments is the next step. The best chess players have lost hundreds of games and analyzed their mistakes before they started winning. If you want to succeed, playing in tournaments against the best players is a must.

In the end, there are two final steps to become a grandmaster. According to the FIDE (World Chess Federation) rules, players must score three norm tournaments and earn a FIDE Elo 2500 rating. This rating calculates the relative skill levels of chess players, with the title of grandmaster only given to those with an Elo of 2500. In comparison, the title of International Chess Master is awarded to players with an Elo of 2400.