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The Move from Online Bingo to Mobile

Bingo has seen a lot of changes over the years, we've gone from old halls to online with our PC's and various laptops, and it's a leap that has helped the genre grow tenfold. Now thanks to the improvements in mobile technology we can enjoy the iconic number matching game on our phones whilst we're out and about.

When we first started off mobile bingo wasn't any different from its online counterpart, we had your standard 90 and 75 ball affair with the occasional 5 line game thrown in. However, the only way to play mobile bingo was on a small list of compatible sites.

Fast forward a few months later and suddenly almost every site has a mobile compatible landing page or a download-able app to play with as more bingo providers caught on to how popular this genre was with their members.

But it's not just real money sites as some bingo brands expanded into the mobile market through free-to-play apps. These offered a more social experience to players with the occasional in-app transaction for those that wanted to get a little more out of their games.

This explosion in the market has unfortunately been a double-edged sword as it's now harder for players to find a good site to play on. To combat this there are now tons of sites out there that offer in-depth bingo reviews to let you know whether you should cash in on a site or app or leave it alone?

One such site is, with their in-depth reviews they make it extremely easy for you to pick out your future favourite bingo site.

With no sign that its slowing down at all the mobile bingo market is destined to reach new heights with the development of faster devices in the next couple of years.